What to Do About Pimple Scars

Sometimes, an acne condition doesn't turn out to be as severe as its aftermath. It may be easy to deal with pimples as they come and go, but dealing with the scars they leave behind is another matter. Some pimple scars can be quite permanent. For those of us who are looking forward to unblemished faces after an acne outbreak, they could even be considered disfiguring.

Different experts have different opinions on how pimple scars are formed, but they almost all agree on one thing: you shouldn't try to get rid of your pimples by popping them. Popping or lancing pimples are the most common causes of scarring, though pimples that go away on their own sometimes still leave unsightly grooves or blemishes on the skin. Severe acne outbreaks are especially bound to leave the skin damaged, regardless of whether or not the affected person actually tried to get rid of the pimples manually.

The most advisable first step is to consult a dermatologist about the best ways to remove pimple scars. However, there are various forms of home remedies available - it is up to you to invest in one that seems reliable, and stick with it until you see results. The virtue of referring to a dermatologist is, you can save yourself time and effort in trying out different products. The experimentation may end up not only disappointing you, but also irritating your skin and causing you more problems!

If you're up to the challenge, though, look into face masks and facial creams. Vitamin E capsules are also great for boosting the body's natural healing functions; your skin would especially benefit from a daily intake. In extreme cases, laser treatment is used to correct acne scarring. But due to the high cost of the treatment, it's often reserved only for correcting the results of a severe acne outbreak.

This is not to say pimple scars are a certified threat - many times, they go away on their own, especially if they are just in the form of light discolorations. Reddish scars are the prime candidate for fast recovery - it's the darkish scars that you may need a little help with.

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