How long do acne red marks stay?

All individuals are not the same so it varies on person to person that how long does acne red marks stay. Hence, the healing also takes place in various ways. The healing time also varies person to person. The left over spots after treatment of acute acne takes a little more to fade away compared to the spots after mild acne. An individual’s capability of restoring to health is also a factor to be considered. Persons healing quicker would notice acne red marks vanishing quickly. For the persons healing slowly, they experience the spots fading out bit by bit. A home remedy can be tried for removing the acne red marks to vanish quickly. Mixing 5 teaspoons baking soda and 9 teaspoons water, a paste can be made and applied to the affected spots. After applying the paste, some time should be given for the paste to get dry. After drying of the paste, it should be washed away. Alternatively after the application, the marks can be massaged gently; thereafter the paste can be washed away.

Occasionally acne results in pigment problem, and brown spots are formed. These spots should not be puzzled with acne marks, which is red in color. These spots might be light brownish or dark brownish in color. These conditions particularly are noticed in darker skins, which are known as pigment spots. These brown spots usually go away exclusive of treatment. When the treatment of acne is performed by benzoyl peroxide, these brown spots may be visible for a longer period.

Those red marks appearing whilst acne is in the process of clearing up, is the outcome of the healing and the infection procedure. Often in provisional circumstances the red marks would go away. However answering the question, how long does acne red marks stay, requires some more consideration.

There is no fixed time frame as to how long does acne red marks stay, but in generally they exist for 4 to 12 weeks. The longevity of those acne red marks during this time period depends on numerous factors.


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