Health insurance and acne problems

One question I get asked often is something like "Do you know what the coverage is from my health insurance company for acne related products?". Every day there are people paying good money for expensive acne treatment products. Also sometimes it is necessary to visit a dermatologist or doctor to analyze the condition and get advice on the most effective steps to take to get rid of it!

It depends a lot on how severe your condition is and the consequential therapy you need. Usually the OTC products are not covered, of course depending on the type of insurance you have. If you pay more your coverage will be larger and your Health insurance company may just be covering the items you need. This leads to the rather unsatisfactory answer:"It depends". However if your condition is more severe the chances do increase that they will reimburse you for therapy.

Also there are differences in handling the reimbursement process; some companies are totally fine with you sending them the receipt and them paying directly. Others state that you have to pay for your own treatment first and only then, after sending the bills to them, you will be repaid, depending of course on your coverage.

All in all the insurance companies obviously have classified this condition as a serious one and are also getting more and more convinced that through education reduction of the condition is the best therapy.

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